Off-Campus and Home Use

If you encounter any issues accessing MATLAB from off-campus, please establish a connection through the VPN (Virtual Private Network). This will get you around any firewalls that may be blocking the connection.

Scientific Computing with MATLAB

MATLAB is a high-level interpreted programming language particularly suited to calculations involving vectors and matrices.

For example:

    Fs = 1000;
    t = [0 : 1/Fs : 10];    % t-values are 0.001 apart

    y = sin(t);             % sin of vector of t-values
    plot(t, y)

MATLAB is a product of The MathWorks.

Matlab Licenses

License fees must be paid through the Scientific Computing Webstore to use Matlab for research. More information.

Matlab Course

An introduction to Matlab course is regularly offered through IST's Software for the Academic Workplace program. The course notes and sample Matlab files from the course are available. You can register for courses online.

Online Matlab Training

The MathWorks provides a self-paced tutorial that runs a total of 90 minutes. You can take the entire tutorial or select an individual chapter specific to your needs.

Using MATLAB for Research?

Using MATLAB for Coursework?

On-line MATLAB Documentation

Parallel MATLAB

Notes to Mac OS X users

Notes to SGI users

Octave: a MATLAB Work-alike

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